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How to Improve Your Project Management Skills



Project management skills are essential to getting things done in your organization; but all too often thing end up taking three time longer and cost twice as much as you thought. Today’s guest, Andrea Uvanni, has delivered multi-million-dollar projects on time and on budget with a never-ending focus on quality assurance and she’s here with some tips on how we can improve our project management skills. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Project Management Skills :* What are project management skills? [2:48] * The project management skills people are missing most often [5:27] * Project management challenges of working remotely [8:20] * Tips for improving remote project management [10:20] * When do you need to hire someone with professional project management skills? [12:17] * How project management skills create accountability [14:20] * What to look for when hiring a project ma