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Safe to Love Again?



Have you loved and lost? Have you been heart broken, devastated by the personal loss of a relationship due to divorce or a breakup? If you have, you have probably asked the question, “when is it safe to love again?” Well, today, we are talking to Dr. Gary Salyer, author of “Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve.” The book was written for both singles and for couples who have lost the passion. It offers a pathway to rewiring the brain to allow for a safe, secure, long-lasting love to be yours. Is your love style Secure, Avoidant or Anxious? These styles were manifested through “permissions” or “rights” that our infant selves did or did not acquire in the first year of life, based on what we internalized and perceived from the actions of our parents, says Salyer. Come learn about your style and how you can rewire your brain to allow a safe, secure and long-lasting love.