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The True Nature of Good and Evil



There is much that is going on right now in the United States, which is impacting the entire globe, and which would make us believe that evil has surely won—that the end of goodness and hope for goodness has come. Our President is lying to us. The Majority Leader of the Senate is lying to us and betraying his own precedent. The Attorney General has changed his entire job description in order to defend the President against charges of sexual assault. The fact that so many continue to defend the President despite his betrayals and lies. Those things are facts. But do these facts represent evil? Indeed, are goodness and evil really real? Or, are these just concepts we made up to in order to find some safe mental construct to deal with behaviors we didn’t understand? Is it time we begin the process of putting away the good/evil paradigm in favor of a truer, more realistic paradigm? Tune in to find out.