Authentic Living

The Oneness in Our Division



We hear it every day now on the news, see it in our social media sites, it’s literally everywhere: we are a divided nation. So divided are we that we have two different realities, or so it seems. One media gives us one form of reality and all the other medias give us an entirely different form of reality. This has made it possible for the people on both sides of the divide to call the other side liars—and absolutely believe that they are telling the truth. There is hate on either side of this divide. So, how will we ever get beyond it. Well, first we absolutely need leadership that does not promote the divide, but encourages our Oneness. Hopefully, we will get that leadership in a few weeks. But beyond that there is much to see in the Oneness that is a critical and deeply spiritual element of even our very division. We are going to locate and elucidate that Oneness during this show. Don’t miss it.