Authentic Living

Integrating the Collective Shadow of America



The shadow of the American culture is exposed. We are reminded now that while we said we were a nation that supported every person’s equal right to the pursuit of happiness, rather, we were founded upon the death of over 50 million indigenous people and we built our nation on the backs of slaves. We’ve been a two-faced nation from the onset. And now we are beginning to see what we've only suspected before in all the darkness, the lies, the bribery, and the danger hidden beneath the veil of some smiling political faces. The racial unrest, the political unrest, the economy and the physical health of a nation are dependent on us to become aware, to wake up to our own collective shadow and to integrate it in a way that makes us into the nation we said we were when we started this noble experiment. This is a spiritual quest (not a religious quest) and it will require that we handle it from a spiritual perspective. Tune in to learn how we might do this spiritual work.