Authentic Living

The Gift in the Darkness



The pain, the fear, the horror, the loss. In all of these things we experience the devastating reality of the darkness. These things cannot be minimized. They are real and have a real impact on our lives. But is it possible that by experiencing these devastations, we are being driven to the light within us? Is it possible that the intention of the darkness is to drive us to the light within us? That doesn’t mean, as many think, that God or the gods have planned your loss, your pain, your fear, your horror or that it is somehow God’s will. But isn’t it also possible that, regardless of the cause of the suffering, that the suffering can be used to open us to the light within us? And if that is true, what is that light? Indeed, IS there a light within us? During today’s show we are going to discover that light, and discuss how we might guide ourselves through the darkness to that light. Don’t miss it.