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How to Promote Genuine Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace



Genuine diversity in the workplace is something that eludes many employers regardless of their size. After all, what good is diversity if it’s token, if it’s window dressing and there’s no genuine inclusion? Bridging the gap between diversity and inclusion is where the rubber meets the road. Today’s guest, Michelle Silverthorn, is a recognized organizational diversity expert with some tips on how to get more traction. ♥ Leave a review at ( )♥ What You’ll Discover About Genuine Diversity :* Why organizations keep failing to achieve genuine diversity [1:47] * Authenticity as the key to genuine diversity [5:15] * How authenticity fuels employee engagement [7:20] * Balancing tradeoffs to maintain authenticity [9:18] * Why diversity training programs fail to achieve genuine authenticity [13:22] * How meaningful goals and transparency foster genuine diversity [15:19] * How to establish meaningful diversity go