Don't Make This About Me

DMTAM 68: Toby Cooling PART 1



Toby Cooling is my grandmother's cousin on my mother's side. I've been wanting to get him on the podcast for a long time. He's lived the life of five men and has seen it all. I got to catch up with him during one of his returns back home to Cecil County. Master Cooling founded the Order of Isshin Ryu on January 15, 1971 in an effort to keep his word to Master Shimabuku, who asked him to ". . .go back to the States and teach good Isshin Ryu for me, make happy family." Toby was nice enough to sit down with me at the dojo he built and started in Elkton, MD. We go through the early years, opinions on MMA, gun control and anecdotes on life. A fun chat that will be continued next week. Thanks to Steve Martin on the music. Thanks to Musical Targets on YouTube for the outro. Order of Isshin Ryu: Follow me @DMTAMpod on Twitter