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How to Optimize Workspace Organization and Gain Productivity



WORKSPACE ORGANIZATIONWorkspace organization can be a real challenge, especially if you’re in startup mode or a solopreneur. With a gazillion things going on at the same time it’s sometimes hard to find your desk and it all adds to the feeling of overwhelm. Today’s guest, Kathi Burns, is a board-certified professional organizer with a few tips on how to organize our workspace AND gain productivity in the process. What You’ll Discover About Workspace Organization (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * The best place to begin workspace organization [2:55] * 2 Ways to tame your email inbox for more workspace organization [4:48] * How to file emails for more workspace organization [7:55] * Easy ways to conquer paper for better workspace organization [11:58] * The ideal workspace design to optimize workspace organization [15:24 * And MUCH MORE. Guest: Kathi BurnsKathi Burns a Board Certified Professional Organizer, Image Cons