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28 - Turn your website into an export engine with Charlie Ruigrok



Did you know that the United Kingdom is the most advanced digital economy in the world? Not only are we the global leaders in digital marketing we also spend more online than anyone else. Why is this important? Well it means we are better than any other nation at selling online. And because the digital market is less advanced in every other country there are some absolute bargains to be had when buying pay-per-click advertising overseas. This means it can be easier to sell online overseas than in the UK and if we chose the right market and it can be more profitable. This is Season two of UK Export Advice where we are going to be focusing on digital trade. My name is David James and In this episode we talk to Charlie Ruigrok a Digital Trade Advisor at the Department for International Trade about how to use our websites to sell overseas. To subscribe to UK Export Advice and get our free guide to exporting visit and put your email in the sign up box.