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29 - How to drive international traffic to your website with Charlie Ruigrok



Just because you’ve built an awesome international e-commerce shop or lead generation website doesn’t mean any of your prospects are going to find it. In this episode of UK Export Advice we’re talking about how to target your international prospects with paid advertising and get them to find and engage with your online offering. My name is David James and once again I’m talking to Charlie Ruigrok, Digital Trade Advisor at the Department for International Trade. You can subscribe to the podcast by searching for UK Export Advice on iTunes or your favourite podcast app. However if you really want to get the most of what we can offer do visit our website and put your email in the sign up box. We’ll send you every episode of UK Export Advice straight to your inbox along with our quick guide to exporting which includes more resources and contact details for most of our guests. My name is David James do look me up on LinkedIn and I