Counter-racist Evolving Engineer (cree)

Advanced Black Thinking & Doing, Part 2: Kofi Lion



The founder of World Afropedia known as Kofi Lion returns to help us get a more in-depth understanding of topics he introduced  to us two weeks previous: The digital dark/ecliptic age in contrast and comparison to previous dark/ecliptic ages;crytocurrency and how black people might create and use our own;the political history and logic of of Mandombe script; The mechanics of Wikipedia, i.e, what happens in cyber-backrooms to create what much of the world comes to know as "fact" on a subject and ways to mitigate the racism that results from these mechanicsSuggestions on how to make money on the internet.You can support Kofi's outstanding work by patronizing his ecommerce sites:Afikyiri Edjua ( Backyard Market)Afropedia on Amazon Market Place ( A wide variety of texts particularly suited for parents homeshooling or supplementally schooling black children and teens including some classic titles.)