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Business Insurance Mistakes That Make You Look Dumb and Cost You Money



Discover the business insurance information this insurance professional wished he knew when he was a CFO and how it can save you money. Mistakes made when buying business insurance can lead to hearing, “You’re not covered,” after disaster strikes. If that's the last thing you want to hear join host Hanna Hasl-Kelchner as she welcomes insurance expert James L. Holmes, Jr. to discuss insurance myths that lead to poor buying decisions.  WHAT YOU'LL DISCOVER ABOUT BUSINESS INSURANCE:What he wished he knew about business insurance when he was CFO The biggest mistake companies make when buying business insurance and why it costs them more The smart way to select an insurance representative What impact a single loss can have on your premiums And more GUEST:  James L. Holmes, Jr. is the Managing Partner of (Sentinel Risk Advisors, LLC), a comprehensive insurance, risk analysis and liability firm that helps guard your assets and guide you in customizing coverage tailored to yo