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How to Crush It with Online Reviews



Online ReviewsPositive online reviews and testimonials can help grow your business. But making the ask can feel salesy and pushy. Today’s guest, Alan Katz, is known in his industry as the King of Reviews and he has a system to help you crush it with online reviews. What You’ll Discover About Online Reviews (highlights & transcript): (HIGHLIGHTSCLICK HERE FOR AUDIO TRANSCRIPT) * Why you need online reviews for your business [2:11] * Knowing when to ask for online reviews [3:46] * How to properly ask for online reviews [5:26] * Why short URLs increase the likelihood of online reviews [9:47] * The most important phrase to use when asking for online reviews [11:05] * How best to deal with bad online reviews [12:45] * AND much more. Guest: Alan KatzAlan Katz may not be a household name to you – but in the wedding industry he’s known as the “King of Reviews. He has over 2000 online reviews and testimonials and dominates the market in his field