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Blimes and Gab



Rapping is hard. To deliver lyrics clearly, with speed and cadence, with rhythm and syncopation and with meaning, with TRUTH, is really dang HARD. Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab are two of those special humans with these exceptional capabilities. The self-described “cool aunties” have been separately killing the game in their respective regions of San Francisco and Seattle for years now but, after meeting on Facebook, decided to join forces for a collaborative release. That album, 'Talk About It,' was released last year under the apt name Blimes and Gab. For Live on KEXP, Troy Nelson delves into the history of both rappers while speculating whether an ancient English stone has anything to do with the unique abilities of Blimes and Gab, who virtually perform five songs off 'Talk About It.' Recorded 09/22/2020. Shellys (It’s Chill) Un Deux Trois Sacred Baptism My Way Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube Support the show: See for privacy informati