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Son Rompe Pera



The older they get, the cooler your parents are (or whoever plays that role in your life.) Mexico City-raised trio Son Rompe Pera know this well. The brothers may have initially shunned their parents’ push towards playing marimba as teenagers in favor of punk and cumbia, but eventually came back, putting their own unique and modern spin on the rich traditions of marimba. Troy Nelson delves into the brothers’ journey while also digging into some background education on the history of cumbia, rosewood’s unique status amongst other types of wood, what an idiophone is (spoiler alert: it’s not a phone that makes you do stupid stuff), and how all of these things play into the marimbas that Son Rompe Pera famously break. Recorded 10/09/2020. Proteus FOS Reina de Cumbias Ay David! El Palo Poste Watch the full Live on KEXP session on YouTube Support the show: See for privacy information.