Peggy Willms

Using Tragedy to Become Happier and Stronger



Our world is experiencing catastrophic shifts on physical and emotional levels. Is this Chaos affecting you on an unconscious level? Change is frightening. Yet, change is the natural process of life for new order and clarity. Few people manage to go through life without experiencing the physical pain of illness or emotional pain of a lost loved one, but it's how we deal with that pain that makes the difference. When someone uses a tragedy to make them stronger and even happier we want to know what inspired them to get to that place. Chaos to Clarity by Rev. Patricia Cagganello and award-winning author Kathleen O'Keefe-Kanavos (foreword by NY Times bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel), is a collection of incredibly inspiring stories from people around the globe who experienced personal tragedies and emerged stronger and more empowered. Out of their chaos came their clarity