Peggy Willms

How to Let Sh*t Go and Learn How to Forgive so You can Live! Guest: Misty Tyme



Reverand Misty Tyme is a Master at Forgivenessin ALL SITUATIONS. She has the Forgiveness Solution: the whys and hows to forgive in a proven step-by-step formula. Reduce or rid the hurt from your life so you can be on the road to living the happy, healthy life that is intended for you. Whether you need to address difficult people in your personal or work life (or perhaps you are experiencing a few acute forgiveness struggles being stuck home due to COVID-19), Misty will guide you through her trademark tool: The Forgiveness AlgorhythmTM which will teach you how, in some cases, you might have to love people with a 10-foot pole. Come join us and lets talk about the other F word FORGIVENESS.