Faith That Acts

Stigma – Christian Faith – Modern Life



"I am not fully there yet," a social services Chief Executive says. What does that mean and how does it relate to the application of Christian faith in our modern lives? What is the intersection between what we claim to believe and our daily lives. Stigma - Christian Faith - Modern Life discusses how culture seems to necessitate a separation of our spiritual life and how we live in the world... how we answer this challenge says much about the heart. Do we choose to live siloed lives, acquiescing into silence and denial? Do we trust God's provision shown by how we live? Do we bear the stigma of His great name without fear? Does our love for Christ inform our decisions and behavior? Special guest, Steve Boisse asks, "are we different, can people really see a difference enough to inquire of us? Barry, I can't tell you how often this leads to discussion about what I believe..." Friends, I invite you to listen to a business executive speak unashamedly of his faith in Jesus Christ. He thoughtfully discusses his te