Kimberly D. Scott

Industry Celebrities: Jacqueline Terrel owner and the operator of Tudor House Cookies



Kimberly D. Scott, a former Video Girl, and now Podcast Practitioner interviews Jacqueline Terrel, owner and the operator of Tudor House Cookies.   Baking has been Jacquelyn’s passion since she was a child. She and her mother used to stay up late at night to bake and even on special occasions she would give away brownies. Her friends and family were the luckiest for she would bake delicious treats for them. Her love for baking paved the way for her to start a business. It all started when she decided to bake decorated cookies for her son’s first birthday. She did a lot of research and planning but ended up not liking it. She even swore that she’ll never do it again. What made her change her mind was her husband, who suggested to let her try again so that she can stay at home and take care of the kids while making some money to help their growing family.   As the years go by, her business grew. She was able to get a lot of recognition from the cookie community and looking back, the one main