Kimberly D. Scott

Industry Celebrities: Laura Hunter shares her 20 years of experience in the multifamily industry



#thatkimberly #industrycelebrities #laurahunter   In this episode of Industry Celebrities, Kimberly D. Scott, a former Video Girl, and now Podcast Practitioner interviews Laura Hunter, Chief Growth Officer of EXIT Real Estate Gallery.   Did you ever thought about not going to college and just jump start right away to have a career? Well, Laura is one of the millions of people who succeeded in having the career that they want right after high school. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years now, happily maneuvering her career in the direction that she wants it to go.    You will learn:    02:55 the right career if you do not want to go to college  04:22 what coaching is   4:52 the personality style you need to learn  7:38 what Laura enjoys about her job  08:48 Laura’s advice for you who wants to join the industry  10:40 the importance of connection  13:36 Laura’s advice to her younger self     Connect with Laura: