Kimberly D. Scott

TAAEF & Industry Celebrities collab: Stephanie Graves



#thatkimberly #industrycelebritiescollab   On this episode of Industry Celebrities and TAAEF, Room To Grow podcast series, Kimberly D. Scott interviews Stephanie Graves, Co-Founder, and CEO of Q10 Property Advisors, LLC.   Stephanie is currently a business owner, speaker, motivator, and multifamily professional. She shared with us that she got into the multifamily industry when she was still in college. While she was working at a bank, a customer asked her if she was interested to work with him and help him with tax credit applications. With little knowledge about the job, she made her research and accepted his offer. That's how she got her foothold in the multifamily industry.   Stephanie ventured into an industry she's never been in and that lead her to where she is now. If you are wanting to change your career and know more about the multifamily industry, Kimberly and Stephanie will be able to give you insights that will help you start. So listen to the entire interview and don’t f