Kimberly D. Scott

TAAEF & Industry Celebrities Collaboration: Brian Crawford shares how he was recruited



#thatkimberly #industrycelebritiescollab #roomtogrow   In this episode of TAAEF & Industry Celebrities collaboration, Kimberly D. Scott former Video Girl now podcast practitioner, interviews Brian Crawford, Director of Marketing at Maintenance Supply Headquarters.   Brian was sure with what he wanted before he entered college and that was why he took sports management because he wanted to be in the sports industry. He worked in several universities before moving to the multifamily industry. Handling events was fun for him but after working in his field for several years, he started to think about switching to a different job because he wanted to have a quality life.  While he was an assistant athletic director of development at the University of Houston he met the director of MSH. He shared that he did not know what MSH was at that time. Well, the great thing about life is we always meet people for so many different reasons, and for Brian, meeting the founder of Maintenance Supply Head