Kimberly D. Scott

Industry Celebrities: Antoinne Glover



#thatkimberly #industrycelebrities #antoinneglover  Want to know some tips and tricks of becoming an awesome realtor?   In this episode of Industry Celebrities, Kimberly D. Scott, a former Video Girl, and now Podcast Practitioner interviews Antoinne Glover, a realtor at Rocky Peak Homes.    Kimberly and Antoinne tackled three major topics in this interview that will you kickstart your career. First is the importance of quality customer service. Study shows that bad customer service interactions are more likely shared than good ones. Notice how you would always rant to your friends and family after getting badly treated at a restaurant you just visited? Well, since we humans are predominantly controlled by our emotions, the most unforgettable experiences that we share to instantly have relief, most often are those that caused us pain. That’s why when entering a service-oriented industry it is always best to be mindful and let kindness prevail at all times.  Second is stop hammering you