Kimberly D. Scott

TAAEF & Industry Celebrities collaboration: Jessica Loeb



#thatkimberly #industrycelebrities #TAAEF   In this episode of Industry Celebrities, Room to Grow series, Kimberly D. Scott, interviews Jessica Loeb, Property Manager at 9th Avenue Station.   We all don’t like the feeling of being rejected. Some will take it lightly, while others don’t. For Jessica, she understands that rejections are just redirections. She applied for a job two times but got rejected. Instead of giving up she gave another shot and finally got it on her third try. Her story reminds us that when things don’t go out the way we want it to, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not for us. Sometimes, we’re probably not prepared yet. And sometimes, destiny tells us that it’s not yet our time.     You will learn:   2:59 how Jessica started and the routes she took to get where she is right now  4:16 the importance of persistence and always going for what you want   9:00 the beauty of trying the things that scare you the most  10:20 never be afraid of