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The Price is Right Interview Series: Andrea J. Lee



Andrea J. Lee, CEO of Thought Partners International LLC has been a huge influence on my approach to business since I read her book Multiple Streams of Coaching Income in 2006. She is one of those rare individuals who combine clear business intelligence with wit and humor. Her coaching is said to be a combination of tenderness and bite. I could not agree more.In this edition of the pricing series, Andrea will talk about Guerrilla Pricing Tactics including:The concept of free, which she terms a "pink spoon marketing." This is creating a business on the concept of generosity (much like you get with free tastes of ice cream from pink spoons at the ice cream shop).What too much free looks like in business, which can involve going to long at free and getting kickback when you start to charge for services.What too little free looks like in business, i.e. too little blog content and a quick sale of products.What is a product funnel and how do you use it to design your product offerings? The pros and cons of starting