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The Price is Right Interview Series: Sherri Garrity



To round out the pricing series, I talked to my fellow business coach Sherry Garrity from Corporate Fugitive who illuminates some of the specific pricing challenges faced by corporate employees transitioning to entrepreneurship. The three main challenges she talks about in our interview are: Under-dreaming: thinking too small about the vision of what your business could be, and simply trying to match your salary as an employeeUnder-pricing: not valuing all your experience, and using ineffective measures like billing by the hourUnder-billing: underestimating all the time and effort it takes to effectively deliver your products or services, or not charging the client for all the work you are doing You can find Sherri at --- I hope you have enjoyed this series!  I have never done anything like this on my blog before (long-time readers are probably shocked to get six new posts in one week since I have been slacking on my writing lately!). If you enjoyed it and want to see more intensive di