Escape From Cubicle Nation Podcast

Want a career in public speaking? Listen to this interview with Nick Morgan



Who has not fantasized about being a professional public speaker? Can you imagine how great it would be to fly to exotic locations and get paid large sums of money for a one-hour motivational talk? Before you quit your day job, Nick Morgan, Harvard-trained communication expert, founder of Public Words and author of Trust Me and Give Your Speech Change the World has some hard-won advice on both creating quality speeches and making it in the hyper-competitive world of professional speaking. In this conversation, we discuss: The two conversations you have to manage in every presentation The real source of natural and powerful body language (otherwise known as "no, you don't have to flail your arms on cue.") The inside scoop on what it takes to succeed as a public speaker. Easy money in exotic locations is unfortunately not part of the reality. :) Find Nick at or