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A dirty little marketing secret no one is telling you



A lot of entrepreneurs get all twisted up about branding. Either they think it is some huge, expensive thing that is only for large companies, or they get obsessed with nailing a complete brand strategy before taking the first tiny step in building a business. Neither extreme is true. In this podcast conversation with brand expert Liz Dennery-Sanders, we discuss what branding is and isn't, what is critical to know about branding at any stage of business, and how you must pay attention to every part of how you do business if you want your marketing efforts to be effective. To illustrate what we talked about in the interview, Liz shares this post: The dirty little marketing secret no one is telling you By Liz Dennery Sanders Why is it that some entrepreneurs have clients lining up outside their door and a waiting list a mile long, while others are struggling to pay the rent? Why is it that most entrepreneurs are busy, busy, busy with their marketing tasks, but only a handful are truly effective? There’s a dirty