Hannah Ashton Podcast

Will Young Marriage Affect Your Career? // Ep. 60



Laura, the Grown Up Girl, is a married, mother of one who has had quite a journey in the career world. On today's episode, Hannah and Lauren dive into what it means to grow up in adulthood. We discuss: -How it's okay to change career paths if you stuck with your passions -Her love story, why she got married young, and how others reacted to that choice. -Advice for knowing who "Mr. Right" may be -How the decisions you make in life may be small but can lead you to your life goal Laura's Website: https://thegrownupgirl.co/ Laura's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegrownupgirl/ Dreamer Spotlight: Rachel McClurg Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/essentiallyplantjuice/ SHOP The Dream, Achieve Workbook Today! https://hannahashton.myshopify.com/ Listeners get 3 months free once they run their first payroll! Go to gusto.com/dream