Hannah Ashton Podcast

How to Stop the Negative Self Talk and Live to Your Potential // Ep. 65



Amy from The Joy Junkie is a life coach here to help us free ourselves from our people pleasing, low self-worth, and the bad stigma about unleashing the real YOU. Don't let yourself bring you down (especially if others are pitted again you too) you're just making it harder! Learn in this episode how to turn your mindset around and set yourself to a freed and positive life. Get Amy's FREE eWorkbook: http://thejoyjunkie.com/free Amy's Instagram: http://instagram.com/thejoyjunkie Dreamer Spotlight: Agnė Černiauskaitė Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/agne_egan/ Shop The Dream Achieve Workbook: https://shophannahashton.com/ Listeners get 3 months free once they run their first payroll! Go to gusto.com/dream