Ejc Innovation Conference On Covering The Crisis

8. Karel Williams on Financial Crisis and Story Telling by Disributive Coalition



Speaker: Prof. Karel Williams, Director, Centre for Research on Sociocultural Change, Manchester University and Prof. Ewald Engelen, Professor of Financial Geography, University of Amsterdam Karel Williams is Director of the ESRC funded Centre for Research in Socio Cultural Change and a Professor at Manchester Business School. For the past decade, he has researched the financialization of present day capitalism and more recently worked on the financial crisis. He works in a multi disciplinary team of academics whose recent books include Financialization at Work (2008) and Elites Remembered (2008). The team worked with practitioners on the Alternative Report on Banking Reform which was published in October 2009. Dr. Ewald Engelen is Professor of financial geography at the Amsterdam Metropolitan Institute for Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam. Engelen has published on contemporary capitalism in its many manifestations in a wide range of academic journals and (edited) books. Engelen also is a