Beyond The Handle

Episode 10 - @samuraiguit



Episode 10 features the amazingly talented Steve Onotera, known as @samuraiguit on Twitter! Steve has posted a number of fantastic music videos on YouTube over the last 8 months, and many of them have made a big splash on that platform! We discussed his background in music, the various projects that he's worked on over the years, how he managed to become a star on YouTube, and some background into some of his more notable pieces of work that can be found on YouTube. You can check Steve out if you search for samuraiguitarist on YouTube, as well as at the following links: Steve's music can also be found over on iTunes. Search for samuraiguitarist and you'll find it easily. This week's music was also provided by Steve. I hope you enjoy it! Beyond The Handle is a Podcast that focuses on members of Winnipeg's Twitter community. If you have any interest in participating with the show, please