Beyond The Handle

Episode 22 - @stairwaytodevin @couchsurfincast



Episode 22 features Devin Bray, known as @stairwaytodevin on Twitter. Devin is an avid podcaster in Winnipeg, co-hosting a great podcast called Couch Surfin'. You can find his show on Twitter at @couchsurfincast. He has also recently launched the Total Recall Podcast, which you can also find on Twitter at @ArnoldPodcast. Both shows are on iTunes, and I highly recommend subscribing! Devin also heads up the Garbage Hill Network, which is a full network of great podcasts produced right here in Winnipeg. Their website is at, and you can also find them on Twitter at @GarbageHill. There's so much goodness on this network, everyone! Please go and listen to some great local content! The featured song this week is a track called It Ain't Heavy by Hans Predator, from Carbondale,IL! You can find their music over at If you have any interest in participating with the show, please reach out to us at Subscribe to the show on iTunes