Beyond The Handle

Episode 25 - @Sliiiiip



With my recent move to Toronto, this could be the last episode of Beyond The Handle. If it is, thank-you to all of the guests, listeners, and bands who have given me permission to feature their music! This was a whole lot of fun! Episode 25 is a milestone for two reasons: It's our 25th show, and it could be the last show as well since I moved to Toronto over the course of August. To commemorate, the episode features me! Your host @sliiiiip is interviewed by guest host @poopsmckenzee and our pal Kid Tetris. We talk all sorts of stuff that I can't remember because we taped the interview almost a month ago, and I've spent the rest of my time moving. The featured song this week is a track called Fastidious by Different Skeletons, from my new hometown of Toronto! You can find their music over at Subscribe to the show on iTunes and Stitcher now! You can follow Beyond The Handle on Twitter @beyondthehandle. Go check out other amazing podcasts from the City Of Winnipeg a