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Eldar talks with Blake J. Harris (Console Wars, The History of the Future)



I was fortunate enough to be joined by the one and only Blake J. Harris, author of Console Wars and The History of the Future. We talked about the writing process, VR games, what got him writing about Sega and Nintendo's battle, and more. Console Wars is easily one of my favorite books, and one I think about regularly. Blake's masterful work at documenting the battle between the two console giants of the late 80's and early 90's is seminal and a joy to read. You can purchase his new book, "History of the Future" on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million, or anywhere you like to read your favorite books. Console Wars is available literally everywhere, too. You can find me anywhere online at ‘Eldarbasically’, and you can find Blake on Twitter at BlakejharrisNYC or