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Ep 1 - Hustle Sold Separately - Design Soapbox



This is Episode 1 of the Design Soapbox. This is a podcast to build community and initiate conversations of authenticity around the field of graphic design. I am your host of the show, Daniel Herron. My hope is to give you a behind the scenes look at what it takes to be a designer and my process. I will talk about my struggles with design and related thinking, and I also hope to entertain you with stories of my struggles and victories. I hope you will join me in a journey to get better and make a difference in the world we share. ---------------------------------------- Ep. 1 "The Hustle is Sold Separately" I am going to be discussing the concept of hustle and what it means to fight apathy in a culture that feeds on escapism. I also am going to be giving app tips to "Graphic Folks" interested in what tools I'm using in my process. I will rant / rave / and get up on soapboxes during this show, with the hope that you will take away something useful and meaningful that you can apply to your own life and journe