Getting Reluctant Writers to Explore Life Beyond 140 Characters



Some students are convinced that any writing assignment beyond 140 characters is both cruel and unusual punishment and unconstitutional. Our legal department is still checking into this. In the interim, here are some proven strategies to get students excited about jumping off the 140 character cliff and smiling on the way down. Follow:@thenerdyteacher @tgwynn @johntspencer @bamradionetwork . Follow:@thenerdyteacher @tgwynn @bamradionetwork John Spencer is currently a sixth grade ELL teacher in a low-income urban school in Phoenix, Arizona. When he's not doing dishes or playing Legos with his kids, he blogs regularly at Education Rethink, writes a column for Kappan magazine and has written several books, including A Sustainable Start and Pencil Me In, along with a chapter in an upcoming educational technology textbook. .