Reality Check: Effectively Preparing Students for the Next Grade



We hear it often, students reaching grade levels unprepared for the work. In this segment we look at what is fundamentally required to prepare students to step up. Follow:@thenerdyteacher @tgwynn @bamradionetwork . Follow:@thenerdyteacher @tgwynn @bamradionetwork Emily Dawson is a 2011 graduate of Grosse Pointe South High School and just completed my sophomore year at the University of Michigan and is currently a psychology major and as of right now I plan to go into education. People seem to think I'm pretty witty, so follow me on twitter @e_daws. David Harris will be a sophomore at the University of Michigan studying either Computer Engineering or Chemical Engineering. He spends most of his time out of the library either at a UofM sports game or leading a youth group for high school students. As a possible computer engineer and tech geek, technology in the classroom and teaching students for the modern world have always been an interest of mine.