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Episode 1: Accurate Intelligence



LISTEN NOW:Or to download Right Click the link below and Save As:Download Episode 1Episode 1 - Accurate IntelligenceIt is a time of reluctant peace. The Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, after decades of struggle, have signed an uneasy truce. Amidst the fear and uncertainty, new heroes arise.Here follow the tales of The Watchers of Aartan, just such a disparate band of warriors, thieves and thinkers. Tasked by prophecy to watch for the hour when the ancient power of Aartan would rise again.On Tython, Jedi Knight Jac Antari, has been tasked by the Watchers Council with recording a "true" account of The Watcher's history.Meanwhile on Csilla, the frozen homeworld of the Chiss, Agent Solaro'ri'xiss reports to his superior an alternative view of the mysterious group....Episode 1, Scene 1: Jac & D6 Discuss The WatchersEpisode 1, Scene 2 - Orix discussing The Watchers with Commander OsaxCredits:The Aartan Legacy Episode One By Denise Cartwright, Simon Depledge, Richard O'Neill And Bryn Pritchard.Featured in