Sleepy Eyes Knits

Episode 11: Fooled



The new podcast is up! I'm looking forward to some feedback from it.....can't wait for all of you to listen. Some might hate it, some might love it. We'll see.... It's called "Fooled".Before podcasting today, Jackie and I went to the Yarn and Fiber Company in Windham for their April Fool's Day sale. Everything was 10-40% off. (We saw Lora and Heather there, too!) Pretty good!Some of the things I talk about in this podcast:-Cascade 220-Tibet Silk-Spunky Eclectic-Knit Picks’ Alpaca Cloud laceweight-Skacel Merino Laceweight-The Yarn Sellar-Jade Sapphire Lacy Lamb laceweightHope you had a great weekend and please remember to send questions for the next podcast! Happy Knitting!