Sleepy Eyes Knits

Episode 14: Playing Catch Up



Hey everyone, guess what??? The NEW podcast is up!!! It's called: "Playing Catch Up". Pretty much all I talk about it the stuff I’ve knited (and things I’ve been up to*) since the last podcast. Maybe interesting??I also wanted to tell you an update of my Sahara. I've got to knit the hip part until it's 24" and it's about 20" now. It doesn't look that long because it's on the needles, but it's coming along nicely. I will definitely have done before we leave, but I keep getting interrupted with other knitting projects, so I keep putting it aside. *Ian and I are going on a MUCH needed vacation in the beginning of October (sans kids!!) to the Bahamas! There’s been a lot of shopping going on...shhh!I would love some feedback on the episode and what things you'd like to hear for the next one. I accept stories, jokes, and can answer any questions you submit....well, at least try to. LOL!Happy Knitting!