Practically Kinky Podcast

Ep 13 - Spank: The Kinky Pain Podcast



Welcome to Spank, the kinkiest Men Submit podcast to date! Yep, this is quite the change of pace from our very service-oriented housework series. Here, we cast down the dishmop and the broom in favor of implements of spanky torture. In Spank: the podcast, we wanted to do two things. In the first part, we run you through all the basic information you need to know before you pick up a paddle (or bend over while someone else picks up said paddle). Once we get the theory of spank covered, BetaBoy drops his pants and we get practical; VERY practical. AlphaDomme will provide you with a blow by blow account (literally) of what it feels like to deliver a spanking, and BetaBoy tries to coherently describe the experience, occasionally lapsing into bouts of begging and swearing. Essentially we’ve prepared a workshop type presentation, and we hope it is interesting and helpful.Two somewhat related warnings here. First, this podcast contains audio footage of an actual spanking. If this is not for you, then this is probabl