Practically Kinky Podcast

Ep 20 - Fun With Pervertibles



In this podcast we talk about the chaotic, kinky frenzied fun of playing with pervertibles. ‘What are these pervertemawatchits of which you speak?’ I hear you ask with jowl-wobbling indignation. It’s easy really. Pervertibles are pretty much anything. Glad I could clear that up for you! Pervertibles are, in essence, any household “thing” that has been repurposed (or perverted if you will) to be a kink toy. The beauty of kink is that you can get creative. Sure you can spend thousands of dollars at your local kink store purchasing everything that inserts, inflates and incapacitates … or you could just raid your kitchen drawers! That is what this podcast is all about: having fun with the stuff you have to hand.Show Notes