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Episode 645 | Anti-Bro, Nuanced Thinking, and Being Good vs. Being Great (A Rob Solo Adventure)



In episode 645, join Rob Walling for a solo adventure where he covers whether bootstrapping is the anti-bro movement, the difference between working with someone good vs. someone great, and the rise of outrage culture on social media and how that doesn’t leave much room for nuanced thinking. Episode Sponsor: Find your perfect developer or a team at competition for incredible engineers and developers has never been more fierce. helps you cut through the noise and find great talent through its network of engineers in Europe and Latin America.They take care of the vetting, interviewing, and testing of candidates to make sure that you are working with someone who can hit the ground running.When it comes to hiring, the time it takes to write your job description, list the position, review resumes, schedule interviews, and make an offer can take weeks, if not months. With, you can cut down on a lot of that time by tapping into...Read more... »Click the icon below