The Lightning Keeper

The Lightning Keeper is a sweeping, epic novel of ambition, love, and enterprise in America. It is the story of an unlikely Romeo and Juliet romance at the dawn of the electric...

The Man They Didn't Want

Nobody welcomed Will Evans when he retired from bounty hunting to start a farm until a vicious cattle baron decided to run off all the farmers.

The Wolf Hunter

A demon coyote that's too fast to shoot and too smart to poison is closing in. Will the Wolf Hunter survive?

The Stone that Shines

When Dick Rutherford, known as The Colonel, loses all his money in a horse race. He heads into the Far West to seek his fortune. His companion on this is, Christy Deever, whose...

The Biscuit Shooter

Should Tommy Beckworth hang for Liji Evers death? Old Man Coffee and the biscuit shooter will trick the truth out of someone.

The Forgotten Man

It's difficult today to imagine how America survived the Great Depression. Only through the stories of the common people who struggled during that era can we really understand how...

Vengeance Station

After a brutal feud, the survivors of the Adams family retreat to Texas. Too bad the Averysons want a final showdown.

The Great Hunger

Hand-sled Riley is being pursued by Granden, a wanted man. Granden is wanted on the American side, which is why Riley is fleeing in that direction. But Granden has no intention of...

Guns for a Peacemaker

Larry Kehoe had been sent to prison for having killed a man with his gun. Now he has been released and is determined never to use a gun again for any purpose. What he hasn't...

Death Song on the Singing Wires

At West Point they told you how to set security guards, load a wagon, and feed your men. But they didn't tell you how to convince troopers with twenty years' service on their...

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