HAZMAT Teams Disposing of Dangerous Materials

When a tanker truck tips over and spills toxic chemicals on a busy highway, it’s time for the experts to go to work. Curious readers can first learn how HazMat teams prepare to...

Washington, D.C.

Visit the Nation's Capital! Learn about Washington, D.C.'s history, geography, weather, people, and more in this book that's all about our nation's capital.

Baby Animals in Burrows

Peek! A baby prairie dog looks out of its underground burrow. Through delightfully simple text and bright, close-up photos, beginning readers will discover why burrows make good...

Pet Birds Questions and Answers

What do pet birds eat? Can you let your bird out of its cage? These questions and more are answered in this fun and engaging book for young readers.

Hamsters Questions and Answers

What do hamsters eat? And why do they like to run on a wheel while you're asleep? Get to know pet hamsters with fun and informative questions and answers.


Who’s that singing in the backyard? It’s a goldfinch! Find out where goldfinches live, what they eat, and how to identify the birds and their eggs.

Freshwater Fishing for Kids

You drop your line in the lake and wait quietly. Soon you feel a tug. Do you have what it takes to reel in your big catch? Now is your chance to learn what you need to know about...

Food Chains and Webs

Simple text and bright photographs explain the concept of food chains and webs for beginning readers. The book concludes with a simple, kid-friendly activity.

Firefighters to the Rescue Around the World

Using action-packed examples from all over the world, this series introduces children to the work of emergency service crews. The series looks at the equipment, vehicles, and...

Do Whales Have Whiskers? A Question and Answer Book about Animal Body Parts

Do whales have whiskers? Find the answer to this and much more in this book all about animal's body parts.

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