Deep Horizons

He grabbed a broken axe handle and circled around Matt Hobart. Rustlers are at work, hidden in the chill darkness of a prairie December. It’s bad news for the Hobarts - losing...

Greywolf's Hoss

One crazy morning in the deadest place on earth, the local bum shows up with a gangly underfed horse - and challenges all comers to a race! Only an old drunk will bet on him. What...

High Wind Western: Short Stories

“Looking for a little trouble, boys?” said Bill Hickok. Cowhands surround Buck LaGrange with a sea of fists in a battle that was bound to happen. Why? Because Abilene is...

Stranger in Black

Stranger in Black is about a woman, deserted by her husband who has become a gunfighter, and her subsequent difficulties in raising two boys on her own.


Aaron Bixby was a human coyote who preyed on the weak and unlucky. One day he went too far, took too much and made the wrong enemy.

The Feminine Touch

A crazy miner and a stubborn woman meet—then all hell breaks loose. Maybe they'll marry. It depends on who reaches the shotgun first.


The old Apache sat quiet as stone - until a local tough challenged him. Big mistake. Never mess with a warrior who's tasted blood.

3000 Degrees: The True Story of a Deadly Fire and the Men Who Fought It

On December 3, 1999, the call crackled in to the men of the Worchester, Massachusetts Fire Department: a three-alarm warehouse blaze in a six-story windowless colossus of brick...

The Clown

Mike is having the time of his life at a hunting camp. Then the bear shows up and he makes a terrible mistake. He'll learn about pain before it's over.