Take Your Pick of Haunted Places

Prepare to be scared as you choose between some of the scariest places on Earth. Fun facts willl keep kids scared, interested—and grossed out!


Rabbits race away from danger on the forest floor. But there is more to these big-eared bunnies than escaping predators. Learn about these adorable woodland animals, their life...

Take Your Pick of Monster Encounters

Get spooked as you compare and stare at some of the scariest monsters on the planet. Fun facts will keep kids reading, interested—and scared!

Red Foxes

Red foxes prowl at night to look for food. The pointed nosed predators hunt alone. Discover more about these clever animals, their life cycle, appearance, and diet.

North American Black Bears

Black bear claws latch onto bark as they climb up trees. Find out these beautiful bears' life cycle, diet, and habits in their woodland home.

Take Your Pick of Survival Situations

Take your equally horrible pick as you debate and decide between survival strategies. Will you make it out alive? Fun facts will keep kids reading, interested—and strategizing!

Gray Squirrels

Gray squirrels leap from high heights to move from tree to tree. Discover these delightful rodents' life cycle and lifestyle in the woods.


Raccoons eat anything they can find in the forest. These ringtailed scavengers hunt in the water and on land. Find out how raccoons survive in the forest, their life cycle,...

Take Your Pick of Disgusting Foods

Think of the grossest foods ever—and pick which one you're going to eat! Fun facts will keep kids reading, interested—and grossed out!

White-Tailed Deer

White tail deer gallop gracefully with their herd. They can outrun many animals. Learn more about these delightful deer, their woodland homes, life cycle, and diet.