Henry and Mudge and the Sneaky Crackers

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When Henry and his big dog Mudge see a spy kit for sale, they know right away that it’s time to break open the piggy bank. With their spy hat and magnifying glass and secret code card, Henry and Mudge can flirt with danger, steal secrets, and start cracking codes.

On their first spy mission, Henry tells Mudge to try not to look suspicious. Mudge rolls in the mud and chews on an old shoe, so no one will ever think he’s a spy. But then Henry finds a piece of paper with a real spy code written on it. Can the two sneaky spies figure out who is leaving them messages?

Cynthia Rylant’s popular stories about a boy and his enormous best friend delight young readers and their parents with their fun-filled adventures. George Guidall’s energetic reading of this frisky tale will leave listeners howling.